International Toy Fair New York 2014

The International Toy Fair was a huge success for us. We had so much positive feed back on our dolls and their quality.  This was our first time at the show, and we really had a great time meeting new retailers, putting faces to names, and networking with everyone in the industry.


We would like to take time to thank everyone who helped us get to the NY Fair this year, most especially the team that traveled down to represent Paola Reina America.  We could not have done it with out our team, from setting up to the tear down, and the long days standing and speaking to hundreds of retailers each day about our brand. It really did help that everyone was so passionate and enthusiastic about these quality dolls! We would like to take this time to say a very special thank you to Nerea, Kirsi, and Shawn; you were amazing and worked really hard, thank you! 🙂IMG_4158

Team Photo left to right (Lucas, Nerea, Kirsi, Shawn)

Lucas, Nerea, Kirsi, Shawn


The booth before the show opened, (click on image to enlarge)




IMG_4173One of our favorite parts of the Toy Fair happened behind the scenes. Once the Fair was over, hundreds of volunteers from the Toy Bank, wheeled these massive boxes around all the booths collecting donations for the Toy Bank. We felt this was a fantastic idea for the Toy Fair and the Toy Bank to work together on this. The results were quite amazing, and it was hard to capture the magnitude of the donations in photos.




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